Property Control Disposal of Equipment

Types of Equipment Disposal

Disposal of Surplus Equipment

An MSU Property Disposal Form (Form # 696-01) should be completed and forwarded to Receiving & Property Control prior to the disposal of excess equipment. The MSU Property Disposal Form includes a column for the type of disposal requested. Use of this column indicates whether the equipment is to be delivered to the Receiving Station, or whether pick-up of the equipment is required. Upon receipt of a completed form, Receiving & Property Control will contact the departmental property representative in order to make arrangements for the disposal of the equipment. If the equipment is to be delivered to the Receiving Station, it is advised that departments call prior to delivering the equipment. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to the department for completion. Each form must be signed by the department head, dean or director.

Sale of Surplus Equipment by Sealed Bid

Equipment may be sold through sealed bid by sending an email to Ashley Anderson ( detailing what item(s) you are wanting to sale. The email needs to include the condition of the item(s), serial number, and inventory number. An email will then be sent back to you detailing the next step in the process (a written request to Procurement & Contracts). University employees are strictly prohibited from bidding on state-owned equipment (Section 25-4-103(3)(b), Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated).

Once a bid is awarded and the transaction has been completed, the department must attach a cash receipt statement to the 873 Form indicating the sale amount being credited to a BANNER account.

Cannibalization of Equipment

An MSU Property Disposal Form (Form # 696-01) should be completed and forwarded to Receiving & Property Control prior to dismantling equipment for use as spare parts. The appropriate code should be entered in the request column of the MSU Property Disposal Form to indicate a request for the use of equipment for spare parts. After the removal of the equipment from the departmental inventory listing, all inventory tags should be removed from the equipment and the equipment should be dismantled as quickly as possible. Equipment that is removed in this manner, but which is left intact, is subject to being added back to inventory during a subsequent audit conducted either by the State Auditor's Office or Receiving & Property Control

Missing/Stolen Equipmen

The department is required to notify local law enforcement authorities immediately upon the discovery of theft of any state-owned equipment. The department should also notify Receiving & Property Control of the theft of state-owned equipment through the use of an MSU Property Disposal Form. A copy of the police report and a notarized Lost, Stolen or Mysterious Disappearance Property Affidavit should accompany the MSU Property Disposal Form. The affidavit is available on our website under the "Forms" tab. Please include a detailed explanation of the loss as well as information on the effort that was made to recover the item(s). Notaries are available by appointment at Property Control. The investigation and deletion from inventory of stolen property requires an average of 60 days. In the event that missing equipment that has been removed from inventory is found or recovered, Receiving & Property Control should be notified immediately so that the equipment can be added back to inventory.

Trade-in of Equipment

When University property is to be traded in on new acquisitions, the department should contact Procurement & Contracts at 325-2545. The requisition should contain the following information on the item to be traded:

Inventory number
Serial number
Dollar amount of trade-in

This information can be obtained from the departmental printout mailed to all departments monthly. If the inventory information cannot be located, please call Receiving & Property Control prior to preparing the requisition.

All inventory numbers or other University identification should be removed or marked out (if engraved or stamped) prior to releasing the property.

Transfer of Surplus Equipment to State-Funded Agencies

It is the intent of Receiving & Property Control to offer all surplus equipment to University departments in need of equipment. If a University department does not claim the surplus equipment, it can be transferred to any state-funded agency (public school, police department, fire department, etc.) at a no cost. Departments wishing to transfer surplus equipment to a state-funded agency should contact Receiving & Property Control. Transfer of equipment to another state-funded agency without prior approval is strictly prohibited.